Friday, June 11, 2010

The rain is bak and well, most of us are happy as it takes us away from the heat n the hot sun.

Falling asleep is what i prefer mostly when im alone doing nothing. And yesterday was such a day.

2 hrs of sleep and it was around 5pm when i realized there was no power and that the sky was turning into one of those little monsters. :)

yes .. it was going to rain ..

ma bike was out of the shed as all this progressed and soon i was out pushing 'him' back to the shed.. n then suddenly drops of rain started falling down. This soon turned into a heavy rain..

No current and a low battery in ma mob meant 'no twitter'... It was really dark outside with a 'storm-like' atmosphere. The emergency lights where not working. Hence the house was all candle lit.

The complete darkness and the roar of the rain took me away... by four years .. ..........

................................. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ...............

I was one of those students who were 're-alloted' and thus i joined the college one week late. I was grouped into batch 'C' i remember with many others. Well, there i meant 'Gautham', ya the one all of you guys call “JP” :). There i met so many people like Renjan, Vidya and so many others too...

but it all lasted for jus 3 days n a new batch (“F”) was 'created' and all the reallotted guys were dragged onto F....n JP remaind in C i rememberd.. :)

There i was one of tose 'front benchers' with Sanal n Renjan in ma both sides. With Vinil, Jishnu, Jose, Neeraj, PV, Binoop, kullan etc. (:P) rite in the bak of us and Vidya,Nikila,Bindu,Meenu,Minu,Shabu,Nitha etc in the other side, the days jus pasd by.. really merry :). we all startd to know each other in different fashions better and the 'fun' time increased as the time moved on.. the main attraction in our class was Niki n Neeraj (”siblings”,hu the elder one is .. is stil a doubt in ma mind :P). There were a lot of other guys too with whom we started to learn the basic concepts of the so called “engineering” :).

Labs and workshops were ma favourites... Electrical wit ma dear paru (lol.. was one heck of a time wen I usd to jus order around wat is to be done...

Mech workshp (foundry,smithy,carpentry and fitting) wit those gr8 ppl hum ive mentiond abve.. smithy was ma favourite ....:p

From the beginning, the journey from edappally to the college took place in the bus, numbered '10'. Vysakh ( yes! I meant that guy who is now the 'royal shippie' ), Salman , Paul, sreenath, vinil, arunmon, appakala,balu,ren,xavi..etc... :) were those guys ter hu tuk ma time away :P....The main way of wasting time was to shooting video clips.. 'Magic' was the theme involved most of the time....the 45 mts ride was not enough for us to njoy...the 'worn out' bus was a real place of joy for us all.. :)

I was 18+ :D.. (meant i could apply for the driving license) .. oh ya n i pasd the test.. n then ma dads bike was completely in ma hands.. :D.. n ter i was 'roaming' around all dose places i had once wished to ride..

All these hapnd n days wer jus flying by... n ten one fine day came the "jaundice hols" :P... one big month with no college n no studies (First year till da bgng of da hols i usd to study well n daily :P, a mistake i realized soon).. n it meant notng more than enjoyment...badminton,cricket n driving (yo ma uncles car was here for ma use :P) was all dat i did during dose hols.. but during the last day of these hols i tested ma blood n it was +ve (i meant jaundice.. noting else... :D) n ter.. one more month of 'no' college.. but this time wit no games,no driving n no bike rides n even no to visitors.. this was one of the longest month i ever had in ma life...!!!!

One of the next best moments were dose spent at the canal area under "F"-batch.. (currently the 'office' room at our college...)..! a free hour or a break wud take us all down der...guys hu dont kno it yet... :) that 'was' the best hangout place our college had during those times (currently its not worth visiting...)


oh great... i woke up ... ter was light but some darkness too.. was one of ma bst idiots (sthreenath) hu woke me up..... he had arrivd wit kalyani kutti (aka rameez) .. tey considerd ma house more like a hostel.. :) and ya.. tats noter part of the njoyment tat i wud like to dream of later... .:)

Friday, July 24, 2009

" HoKinG up.... " :)

Well... im known by many names ..!! "Prahalad S Varma" is what ma dear parents 'tagged' me...! Trivandrum is wer i was born.... n Kochi is da place i dwell...! Like every normal human being i learnt to talk n learnt to walk when i was a little kid....!But now is the time im learning to bLoG... :)..!! "paLu" is what nicknamed..! N actually that is what i prefer to b reffered as... How i got this name...hmm... Prahalad became Pralu... n i guess that 'l' fell silent... :)
huh....! i gotto run off now.. !!! ill b bLogginG properly soon enuf..!!!! :) so keep reading...